Connections with EJIL

Connections with the European Journal of International Law

In the latest issue of the European Journal of International Law (Vol. 24, issue 3), the Editorial by J.H.H. Weiler mentions the traditionally strong liaison between the journal and ESIL and also looks at the recently-agreed enhanced links between the two:



The European Society of International Law will be celebrating next year its10th anniversary. We watch it with paternal affection and care. ESIL was the brainchild of EJIL – dreamt up by Philip Alston and myself in one of our febrile Editorial meetings. Philip, as our Editor-in-Chief at the time, was the prime mover and could, I believe, be considered as the Midwife-in-Chief.

There is already a strong liaison between EJIL and ESIL – the very advantageous subscription rate to EJIL which ESIL Members enjoy. But in a series of recent meetings I have had with members of the ESIL Board we decided to look for ways to enhance –broaden and deepen – the relationship.

One decisive proposal found favour at the recent Editorial Board meeting of EJIL. We decided that the President in Office of ESIL should have an ex-officio place on the Board of Editors of EJIL. It is our pleasure to welcome Laurence Boisson de Chazournes to the EJIL Board. We are also inviting André Nollkaemper to join the Scientific Advisory Board and welcome him warmly.

ESIL has an ambitious 10th anniversary intellectual celebration in mind. We will be at their service through EJIL and EJIL: Talk!, both in the pre- and post-phases of these plans.


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