Call for Papers, Junior Scholars, Louvain, Nov 2014
Deadline for submissions: 15 June 2014
London Review of International Law - read online
Issue 2 of the London Review of International Law free to read online!
Call for Papers: Mediation in the Mediterranean
Diplomatic School, Madrid, 6 June 2014
Roundtable, Geneva: Global Health Law and Governance
The Graduate Institute, Geneva: Monday 07 April 2014, 18:30 - 20:00
Call for Papers: YB of International Environmental Law
Deadline for submissions: 15 April 2014
Keynote Address, Asser Institute: Stephen Weatherill
Keeping the judges out! Three strategies for defending 'sporting autonomy', 10 April 2014
Online LL.M. From Washington University
Deadline for applications: 12 May 2014
The Reform of Int. Economic Governance
Deadline for paper proposals: 1 June 2014
2014 Academy of European Law Summer School
Deadline for applications: 10 April 2014