Interest Group on International Environmental Law

Interest Group on International Environmental Law


Coordinating Committee: Jaye EllisPaolo FarahOren Perez; Josephine van Zeben


Past events:

  •    International Conference on ”Water-Energy-Food Nexus and Environmental Sustainability: Choices, Compromises and Priorities” held on September 6, 2017 in Naples on the occasion of the 13th ESIL Annual Conference on “Global Public Goods, Global Commons and     Fundamental Values: The Responses of International Law”, Naples, (7–9 September 2017). The Call for Papers is now closed. Programme. 

  •    ESIL IG on International Environmental Law held an agora on the occasion of the 13th ESIL Annual Conference in Naples ‘Global Public Goods, Global Commons and Fundamental Values: The Responses of International Law’, 7–9 September 2017. 

  • The ESIL Interest Group on International Environmental Law, the Faculty of Law of the University of Macau and gLAWcal – Global Law Initiatives for Sustainable Development (United Kingdom) and the ASIL IG Intellectual Property Laworganized an International Conference on “Consumer Policy in a Comparative Perspective: New Challenges in Chinese, European, and International Law at University of Macau 29-30 June 2017. The Call for Papers is now closed. PROGRAMME - LEAFLET
  • Joint IEL-ILT Interest Group meeting, before the ESIL Annual Conference, Riga, 7 September 2016: ''The Resilience of Law''. PROGRAMME
  • Joint Conference organised by the ESIL/ASIL Interest Groups on International Environmental Law, ‘The Changing Nature of International Environmental Law: Evolving Approaches of the United States and the European Union’, Geneva, 22-23 November 2013.


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Election Schedule:

Members of the Coordinating Committee are elected for four-year terms and may be re-elected. The IG has a staggered election model, where two members stand for (re-)election every two years.

  • Jaye Ellis and Oren Perez were elected in May 2014.
  • Paolo Farah and Josephine van Zeben were elected in April 2016.
  • The next Coordinating Committee elections are planned for March 2018.